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Southern Dream Retievers

Fit N Fetch Outdoors is a proud partner of Southern Dream Retrievers! We used their multivitamin with CBD with fantastic results. With our most recent breeding, this is what we have found: 

After the first week, the puppies gained an average of one pound per week simply by nursing on Hannah. She has had no nipple inflammation whatsoever. Also, she has been very content resting and relaxing in the whelping box, which none of my females have done before with 4-week-old puppies. 

Week two was just as incredible. All of the above still remains true, with puppies gaining an average of 1.5–2 lbs each after starting on light mush a few days after nursing. Hannah is holding her weight, and her coat looks wonderful. Puppies are now 5-weeks old, weighing between 6 and 7 lbs. They look fantastic and are full of energy. This product is a definite addition to the breeding program. 

This product has also proven to lessen the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation in my working athletes. In working dogs, it puts the body into recovery mode after hunting, training, etc. This helps them hold their body weight and have less muscle soreness due to inflammation.

Southern Dream Retrievers
Amy Smith
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