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Idaho Backcountry Veterans

Hi, I’m Kevin McFarland. I’m a 36-year-old Combat Veteran from the Boise, ID area. I was medically retired in May 2019 due to service-connected injuries. I founded a nonprofit organization, Idaho Backcountry Veterans with an offshoot called Idaho Backcountry Veterans Gundog Academy. My passions are God, my family, my #athletes, and continuing to serve my brothers and sisters after military life through the outdoors. I believe through a support system and getting through obstacles with other veterans and 1st responders we can reduce the suicide rate and build an amazing community of like-minded people. When we’re not waterfowl hunting, we’re running AKC Hunt Tests, Field Trials, and HRC Hunt tests. 

Athletes: Fastlane’s Baxter Wayne II JH, Fastlane’s Whistling Dixie and Akeelah

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