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CBD for Dog Anxiety Out in the Field!

cbd for dog anxiety

Every day, millions of people battle anxiety, and to help them deal with it when it strikes, they have turned to a variety of treatment options. It’s interesting that many people don’t consider how anxiety might affect their canine companions, but did you know that they can experience some of the same symptoms?

Although dogs can’t actually communicate with us when they are anxious—although we’ve all wondered, “What if my dog could talk?”—it is frequently obvious when they do so. Their actions clearly show that they are uncomfortable. And if it frequently occurs like this, you might want to think about ways to treat their anxiety.

You had no idea that CBD hemp oil could be the remedy for your dog’s anxiety. Allow this to be your helpful primer on the fundamentals of CBD oil, anxiety in dogs, and the advantages of using it as a treatment for dog anxiety, whether you’re still unsure about it or just curious to learn more about it.

Anxiety in Dogs 

Let’s now discuss the causes of dog anxiety. Dogs are more likely than not to experience situational anxiety, one of the two main types of anxiety that pets can experience. When your pet feels uncomfortable because of unusual behaviors, this occurs. For instance, frequent activities include traveling, meeting new people, and being exposed to loud noises. These circumstances may occasionally be beyond your control and may occasionally not be. Canine separation anxiety is what is causing this.

The root of behavioral anxiety is deeper, though. Increasing aggression or anxiety are two ways this can be shown. Even though CBD oil can be helpful in both situations, behavioral anxiety is typically a problem that needs professional counseling in addition to medication, so CBD oil treatments alone typically cannot treat it. But CBD oil has the potential to be a successful treatment in either scenario.

CBD as a Treatment

The endocannabinoid system is a complicated system that is still not fully comprehended. What is known, though, is that cannabinoid receptors are present in both the brain and the central nervous system of dogs, just like they are in humans. When canine hemp oil is taken internally, it binds to receptors and activates the body’s inherent capacity to produce serotonin, a mood stabilizer. This is why it may prove to be such a successful anxiety treatment.

When used in the recommended dosage, CBD hemp oil has no life-threatening side effects, unlike some conventional painkillers for dogs. In contrast to painkillers, it doesn’t put the kidneys, liver, or GI tract at risk. Of course, there are risks with any medication, but overall, CBD oil is a much safer and more effective substitute.

Is This For My Dog?

The potency of CBD oils also varies, so you might want to start with a lower potency and see if it helps calm your dog down. Most CBD oil manufacturers offer suggested dosage ranges, often starting with just one or two very small doses per day. 

Knowing more about how CBD oil can help your pet’s anxiety issues, you might want to think about using it as your main treatment option. Given the beneficial effects CBD oil has on anxiety, it makes sense that more dog owners are trying it.

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