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Assessment of Fit-n-Fetch CBD Supplements

Recently, we were approached to conduct a study of Fit -N-Fetch CBD supplements in our kennel. We breed, train, and run competition dogs in United Kennel Club hunt tests, American Pointing Labrador Association events, and the American Kennel Club trials. Our dogs range in age from puppies to seniors.

Case study “Lucy and Leah”

Both females are 4 and 5 years old, Lucy’s third litter and Leah’s fourth. We noticed a distinct improvement in both the dogs’ recovery period and coat quality. They both improved their appetites during and after whelping. Their body shape rebounded quickly; they immediately put on healthy weights after whelping and nursing puppies. It’s interesting to note that both females traded nursing each other’s litters. The energy level and overall attitude of the dogs increased with the added supplement. Both litters were very large, extremely healthy, and active without any negative effects on nursing.

Case study – “Cedar”

Cedar, our 4-year-old chocolate-pointing lab, is highly motivated and active. She is a therapy dog for our daughter and feeds off of her energy, anxiety, and depression. The use of this supplement has produced many positive results. Cedar has anxiety when my daughter leaves her alone. She is also extremely excited when Bronwyn comes home and does not settle down easily.

After appropriate exercise, we give her CBD supplements. This helps her “off-switch” in the house. She seems more content and less anxious when Bronwyn has to leave.

After administering CBD, Cedar shows improvement in focus in training. Gundog training has improved. In addition, her coat has improved with her diet and the use of Fit and Fetch.


Fit-n-Fetch is an excellent product for dogs, with numerous advantages such as improved physical appearance, mood, and focus, as well as a faster recovery time for breeding females.

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