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As a Firefighter/Paramedic, helping others has always been my inspiration and desire. I thought to myself, why would I just stop with just caring for people and not look out for the health and wellbeing of my animals. If taking care of our own body and taking care of others is so important, why would we not consider the same for our family pets? Some Veterinarians are prescribing medications that are changing behaviors, depleting energy, and causing our pets to struggle with the day-to-day lifestyle. I decided it was time to investigate better alternatives to medications, just as we are doing for our own population. This is exactly why we have designed an all Organic, Grain Free, Multivitamin CBD Soft Chew for pets. Amazingly, the chew has been life changing for animals all over the United States. They are sleeping better, having improved appetites, and most importantly easing pain. Starting your pet on a regime that will give him/her a better quality of life as they grow older, provides a better quality of life as an aging animal. The CBD chews certainly have brought many families great joy to see the difference in their animals. We all know how much our pets are loved and how much they provide unconditional love to us. This product has proven to improve life dramatically for pets across the nation.